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We're putting together a super-detailed course with everything you need to know about crowdfunding, explicitly geared toward funding tabletop games & video games.

WritingBold has raised more than $170K on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo in game-related projects

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coming 2019 from WritingBold Academy


Game Crowdfunding

Learn what the best Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns do right

Fund your game many times over on Kickstarter or Indiegogo
Games are currently the most popular (and profitable) category on Kickstarter. We make games, crowdfund them and understand all that comes with it.
We have experience in both the tabletop and video game industry.
In this upcoming WritingBold Academy course, we will not go over generic crowdfunding concepts – we'll tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to fund your game multiple times over.
What will you learn?
The complete course is still being developed and will release during Q1 2019. We'll cover topics such as research, campaign setup, what to do in the weeks prior to the launch, how to handle updates during the campaign, Backerkit and post-campaign support
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This WritingBold Academy course will come with modules you can tackle at your own pace, informative videos, texts, custom consulting sessions, ToDo lists, pre-made sheets, calculators and other super-useful resources that will save you hundreds of hours of work.


You'll be able to put what you learn to good use from Day 1 and create a kick-ass campaign for your game.

Smash your funding goal – focus on the right things!
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