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  • Valraven: Le Cronache del Sangue e del Ferro / Kickstarter

    Branding, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative, Crowdfunding, Design, PR, Social Media

  • Wello

    Content Strategy, Copywriting, Crowdfunding, PR, Social Media

  • Glue

    Copywriting, Creative

  • Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

    Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative, PR, Social Media

  • The World Anvil Publishing Srls

    Branding, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative, Design, PR, Social Media

  • Dized / Medium

    Branding, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative

  • Dized / Indiegogo

    Content Strategy, Copywriting, Creative, Crowdfunding, Social Media

  • PlayStation

    Branding, Copywriting, PR



Crowdfunding 101 - Kickstarter and Indiegogo

WritingBold handles The World Anvil Academy to offer FREE and PREMIUM courses about crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, tabletop game design, worldbuilding, and marketing strategies for game development. Hence, you know what you're doing and why. Need more guidance? Check out the 1:1 Coaching services. Take all the guesswork out of these processes and focus only on the right actions.

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We study your target audience until we thoroughly understand it, and then plan all of your marketing and engagement activities according to efficiency criteria.


We produce good content. Content that engages your audience, generates social media love, and encourages feedback. We’re comfortable working with all sorts of media, be it text, audio or video.


Once the content is ready, we deliver it to your users and customers according to the planning phase. We ensure your identity is perceived exactly as you want, and that all channels (social media, websites, etc.) are leveraged properly, with differentiated messages according to a sensible plan of action.

Based in Finland

Based in Helsinki, Finland, WritingBold is adept at content, strategy, and marketing on all fronts. We work with you to ensure your technology, application or service sounds sexy, carefully weighing every word so that your business is perceived exactly as you imagined.

International at heart

Our clients are spread out over three continents – we’ve worked with companies based in Finland, US, Russia, Denmark, Italy, France, Greece, Japan and more.

It's all about value

Our pricing is based on the value that we deliver, as opposed to raw numbers.  We don’t just go through the motions; rather, we seek to achieve measurable results and deliver value via our expertise. A “value-based” relationship is mutually-beneficial and geared towards achieving long-term success.


Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become a game changer for many businesses. Planning a campaign, however, is not something you can improvise: it requires research, cost estimates, a communication plan and a precise roadmap for all the other phases of a campaign. After a few successful campaigns, we have insights on all the best practices.

Email campaigns & PR

Sending timely email campaigns to customers can be very time-consuming – let alone figuring out email automation! We can help you acquire leads, make sure the press lists are always updated and that your message is delivered exactly at the right time.

Original content

Content is king, or at least a demanding aristocrat. Need copy for a website, compelling lore to go along with your game characters or a catchy slogan for a brand new product? Don’t just say it, say it right.

Polishing & ghostwriting

Just want to focus on what you do best? We look at your ideas and turn them into captivating blog posts, polish copy and turn techie-speak into something other humans can understand as well.


So many data, so little time to make sense of them. We can deliver actionable reports, or help you set up the right framework to collect the data you need. Knowledge is power –  learn more about the real impact of what you’re already doing!

Social media planning

Getting concrete results from social interactions is becoming progressively more intricate: you need a deep understanding of what works on each different channel, especially when you’re investing money on paid ads. Whatever your needs are, we have a plan.

Video scripts

A second of video can cost $1000+, so you don’t really want to waste your time on a script that doesn’t bring home a message. Let us help – we have experience in planning and scripting videos for both the entertainment and the tech industry.

Slides & pitches

If you’re in talks with a publisher or investor 30 seconds is the time they’ll allocate to your pitch. We’ve worked on slides and speeches seen and heard by top executives around the world.

Translation & Localization

“Tapaan sinut” (“I meet you”) vs “Tapan sinut” (“I kill you”). The Finns know that translating things right can be a matter of life or death. We offer copywriting services in (American) English and Italian, and partner with a wide network of professionals who can assist with other languages such as Finnish, Swedish, German, French, and others.

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