Sometimes you have to wonder until you start to wonder why you are even wondering

I understand you mostly write for media and technology companies. What other topics do you consider?

The fact is, there are certain topics we are more comfortable writing about than others. Our main focus is on technology (hardware, software, internet services, etc.), media, entertainment, music, and some obscure geeky stuff. If you like our style and want to work with us on something completely different, please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss your ideas, since we are nothing if not open-minded people.

Where are you based, and how can we interact?

WritingBold HQ is based in Helsinki, Finland. Part of our team is based in Chicago, US. We love face-to-face interaction, but we’re equally happy to arrange virtual meetings by way of Skype and other technologies when working with clients outside our physical reach. Deliverables will be digital in any case, so working remotely isn’t an issue.

Do you request a deposit for your services?

It depends. If we’ve never done business together we usually agree on a reasonable deposit amount. If we’re old friends, no deposit is needed.

When are the bills due?

If not agreed otherwise, we expect payment within 30 days of job completion. Late payments will be assessed an additional 10% on the total. Repeat business will be put on hold if unpaid bills begin to pile up. We’re the furthest thing from Draconian – it’s just that the bills we have to pay don’t have flexible deadlines.

Do we have to sign a contract?

If we’ve never done business together and the job is not trivial, yes.

Can we pay you in something other than cash, i.e. free tickets to Disneyland, booze, or “XP”?

Not until we’re allowed to pay our own bills in the same fashion. We’re all professionals here, and we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t use experience points to make a car payment 🙂


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